Why Hire a Appellate Criminal Defense Attorney in Mansfield or Mt Vernon, Ohio?

It is well established that human nature makes people prone to mistakes of all kinds. And in American society, the law can be so complex at times that it is unclear how exactly it needs to be followed. When this uncertainty combines with situational circumstances such as getting caught up in the heat of the moment, it can be easy to find yourself in a situation where you might appear to be on the wrong side of the law. And even though the United States grants due process rights to all of its citizens, that is no guarantee that you will be rightfully vindicated at trial if caught in a set of circumstances that landed you in court. Spaulding and Kitzler, LLC are criminal defense attorneys with offices in Mansfield and Mount Vernon Ohio. Call today for a free criminal defense consultation with one our our experienced defense attorneys.

Just like that, you can see your freedom disappear before your eyes. If your side isn’t adequately represented in a proceeding, you may be facing jail time or heavy fines for an offense you didn’t commit, or for an offense more serious than what actually occurred. In this case, hiring a criminal appellate attorney in Ohio is vital to your ability to maintain your freedom. Throughout its history, the United States legal system has recognized that mistakes are sometimes made, and those mistakes can cost you time, money and your reputation. For this reason, you can challenge potential errors of trial courts in appellate proceedings.

There are many reasons to hire criminal appellate attorneys in Ohio. First, an appellate attorney will be able to give your case a closer look than your first attorney did. This raises the possibility of finding an error or omission in the work of your original representative. Both public defenders and private criminal defense attorneys have heavy caseloads, and you may not get the high level of quality representation that you deserve in all cases. While this may sound like an unfair, nightmare scenario, wrongful convictions do occur. This can happen even in jury trials, so getting a fresh pair of eyes in the judicial system looking at your case can increase the likelihood that those in power will see things from your perspective. Decisions of lower courts do get overturned, so you should not simply settle for an initial ruling that you feel is erroneous.

Criminal appellate attorneys also have the advantage of looking at the ruling of the lower court and seeing exactly what evidence it found persuasive. This enables your criminal appellate attorney to focus specifically on the issues that matter, rather than trying a broader, but less thorough, approach like what your trial court attorney may have used. Your criminal appellate attorney will also have insight into how the final decision was reached, which can be valuable information in crafting a convincing argument. The trial court record also provides the ability to see how valid judges found particular arguments in your favor, so your appellate attorney can expand upon the ones that held merit and avoid those that did not.

If you feel you have not been given the trial you deserve, contact an appellate attorney in Ohio. Criminal convictions are serious matters and you should not have to suffer due to someone else’s mistake.