7 things to know before you hire a will, trust, or estate attorney in Mansfield & Central Ohio.

Before hiring a lawyer for assisting you with will, trust or estate management you’ll need to obtain some information from him or her. Be sure to consider asking the lawyer the questions below.

What happens during the initial meeting in the office and what will the cost be?

When you start considering getting your financial and legal affairs in order, the first thing to do is call around to find a lawyer to help you handle your planning. The initial calling process is a great occasion to find a good lawyer. Be sure to pay attention to how your phone call is answered—or not answered—by the office. You want to use a lawyer who has real people who answer the phones.

Does the planning fee include a regular review of all legal documents, or do I have to pay make later changes?

Too often, people get their legal documents in order and then don’t think about them again. Then they reach the end of their life or a family crisis occurs, and it is discovered that the documents are out of date and the assets are not properly owned. Be sure to look for a lawyer who has a membership or service program so that you can work with your lawyer on a continuous basis for business, financial and legal consultation that is included in their initial fees.

Are the assets correctly titled so that the business stays in compliance?

It is essential that your business stays in legal compliance and your assets are structured properly. Otherwise, when a crisis happens, your legal documents won’t work and your business or Social Security benefits will fall apart. Be absolutely certain that your lawyer will both put your legal documents in order and also keep the assets structured properly.

Can you help me make smart decisions about buying insurance, college savings, etc?

Your lawyer should help you with making decisions about monetary concerns. This will ensure that the lawyer has a wide range of experience and can help you with more problems you may have.

Can you help me capture my intangible wealth, such as my intellectual, human and spiritual assets and pass them on?

There is currently a movement in the world where people realize that their intangible assets are more valuable than their wealth. When working with a personal lawyer, try to find a lawyer who can help you capture and pass on the essence of you.