Are you facing a weapons charge in Ohio?

An Overview of Ohio Gun Laws

Open carry means adults of consenting age are allowed to own a weapon without a license. The caveat is these weapons must always in some way be visible, especially to law enforcement. An open carry state, Ohio enforces guidelines for who can carry a weapon and where.

Permits & Licenses

The state does issue licenses if an individual wants to carry a concealed firearm on their persons or in their vehicles. If stopped by police, anyone holding a concealed firearm must inform the officers immediately.

Children & Schools

It is against Ohio law to sell or furnish a weapon to anyone under 18. Exceptions include educational programs and hunting. It is also against the law to sell handguns to individuals under the age of 21. The exception here is law enforcement officers. A parent has the right to legally buy a gun for a child for hunting, but cannot buy a gun for a 15 year old to carry at the mall, school or other public areas.

Individuals are not allowed to sell, buy or carry weapons on school grounds, inside a school, on school buses or during school activities. Exceptions are law enforcement and anyone with a concealed carry permit dropping children off or attending a school event.

It is a crime in Ohio to possess or brandish a fake gun while implying it is real in schools, on school property or at school events. Any child or adult who brings a toy gun into these areas pretending it is real can be arrested and convicted of a crime.

Convicted Felons

Anyone who has been convicted of a felony or who is under indictment for a felony involving drugs or violence is prohibited by Ohio law from possessing firearms, bombs or explosives. These individuals cannot apply for a firearms license or petition to have their gun rights reinstated.

Weapon Restrictions

“Dangerous ordnances” are weapons prohibited by Ohio law. These include:
• Automatic firearms
• Explosives, including plastic explosives
• Mines
• Ballistic knives
• Grenades
• Rocket launchers
• Mortars
• Sawed-off firearms
• Bombs
• Military weapons and ammunition
• Silencers
• Dynamite

Bars, Drinking & Guns

Under Ohio law, firearms are not allowed in establishments where alcohol is sold. The exceptions include law enforcement officers. Individuals with licenses to carry can either (a) leave their weapons at home or in their vehicles, or (b) not imbibe while in the establishment.

If you have or fire a weapon while under the influence, you will be arrested.

Defacing Firearms

It is a crime to deface firearms, including altering or removal the make, model or serial number, or to possess a firearm knowing it has been defaced.

Ohio penalties for breaking gun laws are severe. Conviction can result in prison time and heavy fines. It could make finding employment or passing background checks difficult.

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