What You Need To Know When Facing Assault Charges In Ohio

Many people do not have a clear understanding of what it means to be charged with assault. Most people believe assault charge require physical contact, but according the law that’s not entirely true.

The simplest assault charges will only incur a fine, but the most serious will earn a felon 8 years or more in jail. Additionally, assault charges can be based on mere oral threats. Whatever the criminal charge may be, it is important to take assault charges seriously. It is necessary to understand your rights whether you are the one who is criminally charged or the one doing the charging.

The different types of assault charges commonly met in the law have been listed below.

Simple assault is defined as an assault where the injuries sustained are minor and no weapon was used to commit the offense.

Verbal assault is defined as an assault that was non-physical and oral in nature, resulting in mental, psychological or emotional damage.

Aggravated assault is defined as the use of force against another person, combined with the use of a weapon.

Sexual assault is defined as sodomy, rape, molestation or any other sexual act or offense performed on a victim without prior consent.

Felonious assault is the most serious assault charge. This charge is defined as an assault that results in serious bodily harm (although not necessarily with a weapon) and exercising force against another individual’s will.

If you are charged with assault and found guilty, the consequences of your actions will depend on several different factors, such as age, current overall condition, background circumstances and the defense presented in court. A person found guilty of assault charges may face imprisonment, probation, a revocation of a permit to own or carry weapons and the requirement to perform community service.

No matter which side of the law you are on, hiring a defense attorney is extremely important when assault charges are involved in a legal case. If you are involved in the case as a victim, a lawyer will be able to help you obtain justice. If you are the defendant in the case, your lawyer will ensure that you are not unjustly accused or tried. Lawyers will also help you find good witnesses and experts who can help you support your case. Additionally, attorneys will offer the necessary support and training so that you can conduct yourself appropriately when being investigated under oath.

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