What happens with multiple DUI & OVI offenses in Ohio?

The state of Ohio takes charges of driving under the influence, DUI or operating a vehicle under the influence, OVI, very seriously. The state has set up a system where the penalties for DUI & OVI charges will increase if someone is repeatedly arrested for the crime. Here is what happens with multiple DUI or OVI charges in Ohio.

Second Charge Penalties

A second DUI or OVI charge in Ohio means being convicted of the crime twice within a six-year period. If the time between charges is longer than that, then it will fall under the first charge penalties with the possibility of enhanced penalties if you refused a chemical test. Violators will be sent to jail for a minimum of 10 days. That will become 20 days if the blood alcohol level is above .17 or you refuse the chemical test and have a prior conviction within the last 20 years. A judge could hold a person in jail for up to 180 days depending on the case. Monetary fines can range from a minimum of $525 to $1,625. The vehicle will be immobilized for 90 days if registered to you. The driver’s license of the defendant will be suspended for one year up to five years.

Third Charge Penalties

Three DUI or OVI charges within six years will earn the defendant 30 days in jail at a minimum. This can be accompanied by a fine between $850 and $2,750 dollars in Ohio. The judge could suspend the driver’s license for anywhere from two to ten years. The offender’s vehicle will be seized by Ohio. The defendant must also go through substance abuse treatment programs. If the defendant wants to drive in Ohio during any suspension then an ignition interlock device must be installed on the vehicle.

Fourth or Fifth charge within 6 years Penalties

A fourth or fifth violation within six years will earn you a felony if convicted. The defendant will end up locally incarcerated for a minimum of 60 days up to a year. If the Judge determines prison time is appropriate your sentence could be from 60 days up to 30 months. The driver’s license could be suspended for as little as three years or might be revoked permanently in Ohio. Fines increase to between $1,350 and $10,000. Additional penalties will include forfeiture of your vehicle, mandatory drug treatment and an ignition interlock device for any requested driving privileges. Additionally, the Judge may label you as a habitual alcohol offender. The habitual offenders’ registry makes a large amount of information about you accessible to the public through a simple search.