Why hire Spaulding & Kitzler for my felony defense in the state of Ohio?

Dealing with a felony charge can be extremely unsettling. A person can feel as though his or her entire future is in jeopardy when he or she is facing a felony charge. It is key that individuals remain calm when they have been charged with a felony and speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.

The attorneys at Spaulding & Kitzler have experience in handling criminal defense cases. Specifically, Spaulding & Kitzler attorneys have successfully represented criminals who have been charged with felonies. It is key to find an attorney who has experience in handling felony charges so that one can receive effective representation in his or her case. Here are some other reasons to consider hiring Spaulding & Kitzler attorneys for one’s felony defense case.

1. An ability to represent clients charged with simple and complex felonies.
The attorneys at Spaulding & Kitzler have experience in representing individuals who have been charged with a wide range of felonies. It is important for an attorney to have a breadth of experience in representing those charged with felonies, because the law can vary greatly for each felony charge. Whether one has been charged with theft or is facing a charge of attempted murder, it is vital that an attorney can effectively analyze the facts of one’s case in light of the law behind the particular felony charge.

2. Knowledge of the varying degrees of felonies and their potential penalties.
An attorney should also understand what is at risk for the client if he or she is convicted of the felony. Experienced felony defense lawyers have a thorough understanding of the varying degrees of felonies and their potential penalties. In Ohio, the difference between a first degree felony and fourth degree felony is a stark one. A first degree felony may carry a prison sentence of three to eleven years (additional 1 to 10 years for certain offenses), along with a fine of $20,000. A fourth degree felony may have a penalty of up to 18 months imprisonment and $5,000 in fines.

3. Ability to effectively negotiate with prosecutors and achieve a plea deal.
Ultimately, the lawyers at Spaulding & Kitzler can effectively negotiate with prosecutors to try to obtain a favorable plea deal for one’s case. It is important to hire a lawyer who has experience in negotiating plea deals and understands this process.
Those who have been charged with felonies can receive immediate help from the lawyers at Spaulding & Kitzler. The firm welcomes inquiries from individuals at any time and will respond to any questions or concerns that one may have.