Make the Decision to Hire Spaulding and Kitzler for your drug possession in Knox County, Ohio.

Spaulding and Kitzler, LLC is a local small firm with two Ohio locations where you can receive personalized and prompt attention towards your individual case. With over combined 50 years of experience, the attorneys of Spaulding and Kitzler have spent their time giving every defendant the right to be defended, despite the charge accused of. Their criminal defense attorneys have spent years building trustworthy and positive relationships within the entire court system. Spaulding and Kitzler attorneys are available through every step and try with their full potential to put you at ease.

After being charged with a drug possession, there is a risk of serving jail time no matter how big or small the offense is. There should be no time wasted when it comes to contacting an attorney. Spaulding and Kitzler are available to explain the ramifications that will come along with your charges as well as help to develop a strategy that can protect your freedom and reputation. In such a confusing court system, the proper lawyer can help clients understand charges, defenses, plea bargain options and possible penalties. Attorneys are within reach always to discuss every matter of the case as well as flexibility with pricing and payment options. The best attorneys are the ones who can try to truly visualize a walk in their client’s shoes.

Criminal records can destroy chances of getting a job, apartment, and many other things needed for survival so it is crucial to be adequately represented. Ohio drug laws are decided based on the substance you were charged with, the amount of the drug, and whether the trafficking offenses were near juveniles. A past criminal record will also be considered if convicted. Most illegal drugs are classified as felony charges, however there are conviction deferment programs available to the Ohio public that allow certain offenders to complete a probationary period before reevaluating for a charge dismissal. It is very important to hire a criminal law lawyer to protect and defend civil rights. Spaulding and Kitzler attorneys are waiting to hear from you, please feel welcome to contact us today!