Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mansfield and Richland County, Ohio

You require a criminal lawyer’s representation if you receive a citation for any offense. You should waste no time contacting a Richland County, Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney no matter how big or small you think the charge is. Spaulding & Kitzler, LLC has over 50 years’ experience to help with your individual case. Our attorneys can explain the ramifications that may come to you because of the crime for which you are being charged. We can help you develop a strategy that can protect your freedom and reputation, as well.

Here at Spaulding & Kitzler, LLC we take pride in our reputation and our firm’s proven results. Our criminal defense attorneys have spent many years building relationships and the trust of the entire court system. According to the Constitution, every defendant has the right to be defended, despite the charge. Our firm covers every criminal matter, from lesser driving infractions to the most serious criminal offense. Whether you have been charged with a DUI, drug possession, or any other criminal violation, you can depend on Spaulding & Kitzler, LLC to assist you in creating the strongest defense possible. Sifting through the often complicated court system without adequate representation is not advisable in this day and age. Our experienced attorneys will be available to you through every phase of the process and do everything they can to put you at ease.

Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer for Your Case

The most prevalent reason to hire a criminal law lawyer is to protect your freedom. You run a risk of serving jail time no matter what your offense is. Criminal records also can destroy your chances of getting a job, apartment and other things that you need for your survival. Our attorneys are dedicated to fight to have your charges dismissed or minimized. A lawyer can help you to obtain a proper understanding of the charges, defenses, plea bargain options and possible penalties.

Qualities to Look for in a Criminal Lawyer in Mansfield and Richland County, Ohio

The success of your case depends on the counsel that you hire for yourself. You should only choose an Ohio attorney who fits certain criteria. First, the amount of years your attorney has been practicing criminal defense law can certainly help with his or her knowledge of your individual situation. You should be able to request statistics on recent success stories for drug charges, traffic offenses, white-collar offenses and the like. Your attorney should be available to assist you at all times, as well. Furthermore, he or she should be flexible with pricing and payment options. Some attorneys charge by the hour while others charge by the type of case they represent. Finally, compassion and empathy are two elements that your attorney must have. The best attorneys are attorneys who can try to truly visualize a walk in your shoes.