Spaulding & Kitzler, LLC is a Criminal Defense and DUI/OVI Law firm located in Richland County, Ohio.

We Offer Free Criminal Defense Consultations

When you come to Spaulding & Kitzler for help with a criminal defense case, you can expect to receive five-star representation with no exceptions. The firm has been recognized many times for its professionalism, dedication and success. You hire a big name when you hire Spaulding & Kitzler. However, the attorneys place you above them and treat you with the highest level of respect.

What to Expect from Your Criminal Defense Case in Richland County, Ohio with Spaulding & Kitzler?

Another thing that you can expect from Spaulding & Kitzler is full attention to the details of your case and complete dedication to you. You will feel like you are the only client that the firm represents because the specialists know how to provide you with personalized service. Former Spaulding & Kitzler clients rave about how the attorneys made them feel like members of an elite family. Furthermore, you can expect to hear the truth and nothing but the truth about the crimes of which you are being accused and the odds that you will be successful in beating the charges.

Mansfield Municipal Court & Richland County Mayor’s Courts

Mansfield Municipal Court serves all of Richland County. In certain cities and villages, lesser offenses such as traffic infractions or city ordinance violations are handled in mayor’s courts. The cities with mayor’s courts in Richland County include:
• Bellville
• Butler
• Lexington
• Lucas
• Ontario
• Shiloh

You can expect to see statistics when you ask the prospective attorney as to whether he or she can bring forth results. Unlike other firms, Spaulding & Kitzler has the statistics ready and available to show you if you are of little faith. You can view a long list of case types and results. Recent resolved cases include dismissals of DUI/OVI cases and breath test charges. The prosecution always has to prove its case before it can win. Spaulding & Kitzler can help put them on the spot and make them prove that you did wrong.

The first step in the process of getting help is contacting the firm and scheduling a consultation. The consultation is the initial meeting during which you explain to an attorney how you ended up in this predicament. The attorney will assess the information that you provide and then let you know your chances of having the charges dropped. Next, you will make a decision as to whether you want to hire Spaulding & Kitzler. The lawyer can start defending you the moment you say yes. You can reach out by completing a short form or making a phone call. The criminal defense consultation is 100 percent free.