Criminal Defense

Why you Should Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mansfield or Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Whether a person is charged with a minor or major offense, it is important to retain a criminal defense attorney right away. With this, defendants can reduce their potential risks and get better results. Call today for a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys in Mansfield or Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Under Investigation

A person who is under investigation needs to have a criminal defense attorney beside him or her during the questioning. This is because every word that the person being questioned says can be used as evidence in the trial. With this, it is important not to answer anything until the criminal defense attorney arrives.

The defense attorney protects the person from the convoluted questioning that often happens during an investigation. With a criminal defense attorney, the person under investigation may be able to take advantage of some opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable. In addition, there is always a possibility that charges may be reduced or altogether avoided. This is especially true if the defense attorney gets involved in the legal process from the start.


Those who are arrested will go through a lot of questioning. At this time, the criminal defense attorney should already be there to protect the defendant and their rights. With this, the defendants can avoid jeopardizing themselves with their own answers.

What to Look for When Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney in Richland and Ashland Counties in Ohio


Defendants should always go for a criminal defense attorney who has many years of experience in the field. However, this experience should be relevant to their case.


Before hiring a criminal defense lawyer near Mount Vernon, OH, it is always best to find out how many jury trials the attorney has had in criminal cases. This should include both felony and misdemeanor cases. A good criminal defense attorney should have trial experience.

Board Certification

Looking at the attorney’s board certification is a good way to determine if they are devoted to practicing criminal law. However, there are many excellent criminal lawyers out there today who are not board certified. The problem is that choosing the right attorney can be difficult, as there is no proof of their expertise and familiarity with the legal community and the criminal law. There are only a few criminal defense lawyers who are board certified. Potential clients should consider this matter when looking for the best representation.

A criminal defense attorney who has board certification must be licensed to practice law for at least five years. They must have devoted at least three years to criminal law practice and have experience in various criminal matters. Moreover, judges and lawyers have evaluated them, and they have passed the written examination on state and federal law. This means they have substantial experience in their chosen profession.


A criminal defense lawyer should have excellent communication skills. This skill should not only be assessed while they are on the courtroom floor. They should also be an efficient communicator when dealing with clients. It is important that the lawyer knows how to clearly explain the case to the clients including pros and cons and other related issues. They should also help the clients prepare for the arraignment and appeals.

The bottom line is that it is best to hire a criminal defense attorney immediately whether a person is arrested or under investigation. This is especially true for people who are charged with serious offenses like a felony, DUI-OVI or domestic violence. The Attorneys of Spaulding and Kitzler have experience and expertise in handling criminal defense cases.